Illuminate your skin's natural beauty with Microtox injections. Discover the benefits of this non-surgical cosmetic treatment, how it works, and what to expect before and after your session.
Reduce Facial Redness
Reduce Sebum production and oily skin
Reduce the appearance of pores.

What is 



Microtox is the newest application for Botox® and other Neurotoxins. Very small amounts of dilute botulinum toxin are injected into the dermis to reduce redness, oiliness, smooth fine lines and minimize pores

How does it work?

It has become clear over the last 20 years that regular use of Neurotoxins also improves the general appearance of skin. Microtox injections do not affect the muscles of facial expression.

Microtox injections allow us to harness these transformative powers of botulinum toxin. In these treatments, dilute micro doses of botulinum toxin are injected into the dermis where it directly affects cell function.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our experienced medical professionals to discuss your goals and assess your suitability for this treatment.

2. Avoid Blood Thinners

If possible, please avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and fish oil, for one week prior to your treatment. Our team will carefully review your prescription medications prior to your treatment.

3. Arrive Makeup-Free

Come to your appointment with a clean face, free from makeup and skincare products.

Post-Treatment Care

1. Stay Sun Safe

Use SPF 30 or higher daily and avoid prolonged sun exposure to protect the treated areas.

2. Avoid Strenuous Activity

Give your skin a break and refrain from heavy exercising for 24 hours.

3. Follow-Up Appointments

Please feel free to schedule a follow-up appointment to address any concerns.

Expected Results for 


What you see is decreased sebum production, reduction of vascular flushing and background redness, pores appear smaller, mild skin lifting, and an improvement in overall skin tone, all without affecting the deeper muscles. These effects are noticeable beginning 2 weeks after treatment, gradually increasing over 2 months and can last up to 6 months.

FAQ for 


Is Microtox therapy painful?

While there may be slight discomfort, our experienced team ensures a gentle and smooth procedure.

How long is each Microtox session?

Typically each session lasts between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

How many sessions will I need?

These treatments should to be repeated every 4 to 6 months to maintain results.

Are there any side effects?

While side effects are rare, some clients experience temporary bruising or slight discomfort at the injection site.

How do I know if Microtox is right for me?

Our team will assess your skin and discuss your goals during your cosmetic consultation, ensuring Microtox is the right choice for your unique skin.

Can I combine Microtox with other treatments?

Absolutely. We'll guide you towards safe and effective combination treatments tailored to your unique needs.

How soon can I return to my daily activities?

Neurotoxin treatments typically involve minimal downtime. You may experience some bruising or redness at the injection sites, but these side effects usually subside within a few days. Most patients can return to their regular activities immediately after the procedure.

Why should I choose Atlantic Skin Care for Microtox treatments?

Atlantic Skin Care has been a trusted source for Cosmetic services for over 20 years and is proud to bring Microtox to Halifax, Dartmouth and the Atlantic Provinces.

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