IPL Skin Rejuvenation


Illuminate your skin's natural beauty with advanced IPL treatments. Discover the benefits of this non-surgical cosmetic treatment, how it works, and what to expect before and after your session.
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What is 

IPL Skin Rejuvenation


IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is an innovative skin treatment that uses light pulses to target and treat specific skin concerns, from pigmentation issues to redness and beyond.

How does it work?

Multiple wavelengths of light penetrate the skin, targeting melanin and hemoglobin. This process helps break down unwanted pigmentation and redness, prompting the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

1. Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our experienced medical professionals to discuss your goals and assess your suitability for this treatment.

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

Protect your skin from direct sun for at least 4 weeks before your treatment to ensure optimal results.

3. Avoid Tanning

This treatment cannot be performed if you are recently tanned. Refrain from using self-tanners or bronzing lotions for one week leading up to your treatment.

4. Skin Products

Discuss your skincare regimen with our team. Some products may need to be paused prior to treatment for best results.

Post-Treatment Care

Stay Sun Safe

Use SPF 30 or higher daily and avoid prolonged sun exposure to protect the treated areas.

Gentle Skin Care

Use mild, non-abrasive cleansers and moisturizers for a few days following your treatment.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to support your skin's natural healing process.

Expected Results for 

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Expect to see a gradual reduction in sunspots, uneven skin tone, and other pigment-related issues following your treatment. Your skin's texture will become noticeably smoother and more radiant. Multiple sessions might be recommended for optimal results depending on your specific concerns and individual factors.
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL Skin Rejuvenation

FAQ for 

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Is IPL therapy painful?

While every person’s pain tolerance varies, most clients describe the sensation as a light snap or pinch, similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

How long is each IPL session?

Typically each session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies based on individual skin concerns and desired results. On average, our clients undergo 3-5 sessions.

Can I undergo IPL if I have darker skin?

IPL may not be suitable for all skin types. We prioritize your safety and will recommend the best treatment options for your skin. Book your cosmetic consultation to discuss your options with our experienced team. 

When will I start seeing results?

Some changes can be noticed immediately after the first treatment, but the most significant results typically become evident after a few sessions.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects include temporary redness, swelling, or slight darkening of treated spots. These typically subside within a few hours and, in some cases, up to a few days.

How do I know if IPL is right for me?

Our team will assess your skin and discuss your goals during your cosmetic consultation, ensuring IPL is the right choice for your unique skin.

Can I combine IPL with other treatments?

Yes, in many cases, IPL can be combined with other treatments. Discuss your skincare goals with our experienced medical professionals for personalized recommendations.

Is there any downtime with IPL therapy?

Most clients return to their daily activities immediately, though slight redness or swelling following treatment is expected.

How do I maintain my IPL results?

Regular maintenance treatments, combined with a proper skincare routine and sun protection, will extend the longevity of your results.

How can I get started with IPL treatments ?

Getting started is easy. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our Canadian College Certified dermatologists will assess your needs, answer any additional questions, and create a customized treatment plan tailored to your goals. Atlantic Skin Care has been a trusted source for Cosmetic services  over the past 20 years and is proud to bring IPL therapy to Halifax, Dartmouth and Atlantic Canada.

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