Experiencing hair loss is more than just a physical change—it's an emotional journey. At Atlantic Skin Care we help restore your confidence inside and out by offering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration.

While society often celebrates full, luscious locks for women and a robust hairline for men, many people struggle with a different reality. In fact, research from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reveals that hair loss can significantly affect confidence, well-being, and self-perception.

Many people in search of solutions may consider invasive treatments which can be expensive and have prolonged recovery times. 

PRP Hair Restoration harnesses the body's natural healing processes to rejuvenate hair growth with minimal invasiveness or downtime, making it the perfect alternative to traditional treatments.

Read on to explore how this innovative treatment can restore your hair and your confidence. 

Understanding Hair Loss

More commonly known as ‘male and female pattern baldness’, androgenetic alopecia is a condition that impacts both men and women. It is marked by a receding front hairline and hair loss at the top of the head in men and thinning on the “crown” of the head in women. 

Hair loss from androgenetic alopecia arises due to an interplay of factors including genetics, hormones, and age. External factors can also play a role in the amount of hair loss:

  • Environment. Pollution and toxins can weaken hair follicles, leading to hair breakage and loss. UV radiation is another environmental factor that makes hair brittle and prone to shedding.
  • Stress. Chronic stress triggers a surge in cortisol levels, a hormone that can disrupt the hair growth cycle, pushing hairs into the shedding phase prematurely.
  • Diet and Nutrition. A lack of essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and protein can adversely affect hair health, slowing growth and weakening existing strands.

In understanding the complexities of hair loss, it’s vital to seek solutions backed by science and administered by trained medical professionals like the ones at Atlantic Skin Care.

What is PRP? 

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP for short, is a vital component of your blood that is rich in platelets and other growth factors. Historically, PRP has been used in various medical procedures to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration.

The use of PRP in cosmetic procedures has gained popularity due to its organic nature and the body's positive reception to its own biological material, ensuring a high safety profile.

The Science Behind PRP Hair Restoration

Here's where it gets interesting. When PRP is strategically introduced to your scalp, it releases growth factors—proteins that regulate cellular growth and healing. These factors stimulate inactive hair follicles and promote the growth phase of the hair cycle. This not only encourages hair regrowth but also strengthens your existing hair strands.

Several studies showcase the safety and efficacy of this treatment. For instance, the Journal of Dermatological Surgery found that PRP treatments led to increased hair density and overall improved hair health. 

Benefits of Choosing PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration taps into your body's innate healing capabilities, offering results that seamlessly blend with your natural hair. This makes it a sought-after, non-surgical treatment for enhancing your confidence.

Here are some other benefits of this innovative treatment: 

  • Minimal Discomfort. PRP Hair Restoration is a non-invasive treatment. Your comfort is a priority at Atlantic Skin Care, and we counsel you on pain relief measures.
  • Long-Lasting Results. While individual results may vary, many patients enjoy fuller, healthier hair for 18-24 months. 
  • Zero Downtime. You can typically resume daily activities immediately post-procedure, with no stringent aftercare protocols.
  • Safety First. This treatment uses your body's own material, eliminating risks associated with foreign substances or surgical complications.

The PRP Hair Restoration Procedure: What to Expect

At Atlantic Skin Care, we are committed to bringing you the forefront of innovation in cosmetic care and technology.

Here’s a step-by-step glimpse into the experience:

  1. Pre-Treatment Consultation. You’ll meet with one of our Canadian College Certified dermatologists and nurses to discuss your unique aesthetic goals in a discrete setting. This is your moment to ask questions and address potential concerns so that you step into the procedure well-informed and at ease. We’ll then create a customized plan to sculpt a subtle transformation that unveils your inherent confidence.
  1. Treatment Day. Once you arrive, your nurse specialist will draw a small blood sample, typically from your arm. This sample undergoes centrifugation to separate the PRP. We may apply local anesthesia to your scalp to ensure a comfortable experience. The rich PRP concentrate is then strategically injected into areas of your scalp needing rejuvenation. The entire procedure typically lasts about an hour.
  1. Post-Procedure & Aftercare. Immediately after the treatment, your skin may exhibit slight redness or swelling, which typically subsides within a day. Be sure to avoid rigorous head massages or harsh hair treatments for a short period following your procedure. No specific aftercare regimen is required, but we'll provide individual guidelines to ensure your skin remains in optimal condition.

Begin Your Journey to Fuller, Healthier Hair

PRP Hair Restoration is an effective alternative for traditional hair loss treatments with minimal invasiveness or downtime. The procedure is highly adaptable, so whether you are a man or a woman, your experience will be tailored and unique to you. 

If you or a loved one are grappling with hair loss and seek a trusted solution, consider the transformative potential of PRP Hair Restoration at Atlantic Skin Care. Book your consultation today to begin your journey towards fuller, healthier hair with Nova Scotia's most experienced cosmetic dermatology clinic.